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Senate District 33 consists of the communities of Corcoran, parts of Chanhassen, Deephaven, Excelsior, Greenfield, Greenwood, Independence, Long Lake, Loretto, Maple Plain, Medina, Minnetonka Beach, Minnetrista, Mound, Orono, Shorewood, Spring Park, St. Bonifacius, Tonka Bay, and Wayzata.

Happenings in SD 33:

Sherrie PughGovernor Dayton appoints

Sherrie Pugh to

MN Legislative Salary Council!


Congratulations to Sherrie Pugh on her appointment by Governor Dayton! Sherrie has the honor of being one of only 8 DFL appointees statewide to the Legislative Salary Council. Thanks, Sherrie, for your commitment to public service; we are proud you are part of the SD 33 family!!!

From the Star Tribune, “Gov. Mark Dayton and state Supreme Court Chief Justice Lorie Skjerven Gildea … named the members of the newly created Legislative Salary Council, which is tasked with determining the salaries of state lawmakers.

On Election Day, 76 percent of voters supported a constitutional amendment that removes legislators’ ability to set their own pay and created a new citizen panel to sort out the salaries.

Dayton and Gildea each selected eight members comprising an equal number of DFLers and Republicans and coming from each Congressional District.

They are all very distinguished citizens, who represent well the political and geographical diversity of Minnesota,’ Dayton said in a statement.”

More info in Star Tribune article:



Congratulations 2016 SD 33 DFL Volunteers of the Year – Sandy Ahlstrom and Stephanie Holte!

Senate District 33 DFL is pleased to recognize Sandy Ahlstrom and Stephanie Holte as our 2016 Volunteers of the Year. They were officially announced at our MN State Central Committee meeting in December. Please join me in thanking Sandy and Stephanie for their tremendous energy and volunteer contributions!

Sandy Ahlstrom

Sandy Ahlstrom

Everyone would agree that Sandy represents the volunteer spirit of Senate District 33. She has been volunteering and working for progressive values in our district for longer than most of us have lived here. Sandy is full of enthusiasm and greets each one of our new candidates with a warm welcome and an ever present willingness to support them in their campaigns. At 74, Sandy has more energy than all of us and more than most 20 year olds. Sandy is there every day for door knocking and is the ‘one’ who is with the candidates in their daily knock at the doors! Sandy is passing on her values and the need to speak out for them to her beautiful granddaughter who campaigned with us this summer. Sandy has been with us in all endeavors and can be counted upon to jump in and help caucus, convention, house parties, farmer’s markets, parades, festivals, meet the candidates, forums, training, phone calling, issues gatherings, etc. We are so fortunate to have Sandy in our district.

Stephanie Holte

Stephanie Holte

Stephanie joined our Senate District committee this year as our Events Director and jumped in with infectious enthusiasm! She fills the room with energy and a smile. Stephanie has organized each event for us this year throughout the campaign season with unending energy and made every day fun for all! She was an ever-present partner to our candidates throughout the campaign and provided continuous communication to our volunteers. Stephanie overcame any reservations and learned to door knock this summer taught by our wonderful Senate candidate, Sherrie Pugh. Stephanie ended up knocking doors with great enthusiasm she was there for every door knock hundreds of doors, every weekend and so many nights. Our Senate district is so lucky to have Stephanie!


Thank you to SD 33 DFL 2016 Candidates and Volunteers!

2016 SD 33 DFL Candidates

We want to recognize and thank our 3 tremendously talented and capable candidates for their positive campaigns and willingness to make the personal sacrifice and do the difficult work to run for office and step up for public service. I know we are all proud to have had Sherrie Pugh, Norrie Thomas, and Brad Brothen representing us. They were visible across our sprawling district and represented our shared values in each contact. Each of them has core strengths and a wealth of experience to contribute and know they will continue to work to strengthen our communities.

Thank you to all who volunteered and supported our candidates and ensured voices were heard and bridges built throughout our district. Any way in which you supported is appreciated and makes a difference – attending events (parades, house parties, debates, festivals, farmers markets, candidate outreach, etc), hosting events, attending caucus/convention, door knocking, phone calling, data entry, mentoring by previous candidates, generating lit/mailer content, stuffing mailers, displaying yard signs, messages of support on social media, letters to the editor, talking to friends and neighbors, GOTV, encouraging all to vote, contributing to campaigns, and, most importantly, casting your vote.

We look forward to continuing our work together joined by common values to make a difference in our district and across Minnesota! Thank you for your dedication and together we will make a difference.


Great Candidates; Great Campaigns – Let’s Turn this Blue in 2016!

2016 Candidates

Our three tremendous candidates, Norrie Thomas for MN House in 33A, Brad Brothen for MN House in 33B, and Sherrie Pugh for MN Senate, are running great campaigns! They have been door knocking, marching in parades, and attending events across our district – meeting voters and discussing issues that matter in our district.

You can make a difference in this election! Please join in helping our candidates reach out! There are many ways to make your mark:

  • Join us in the JJ Hill Days Parade in Wayzata on Sept 11th. Line up around 1:00 p.m. – Parade at 2:30.
  • Door knock with candidates. Contact any candidate to walk with them; don’t be shy. You can just walk along, record results, and manage literature if you wish. This is the essential way we reach voters.
  • Enter Data – volunteer with a campaign to enter their door knocking data.
  • Donate – the candidates are making their final campaign plans. Your donations are essential to their ability to reach voters. Any level makes a difference.
  • Phone Call – volunteer to make calls for campaigns.
  • House Party – Sponsor a house party with neighbors and friends with candidates.

Contact the candidates:

Norrie Thomas (MN House 33A)

Brad Brothen (MN House 33B)

Sherrie Pugh (MN Senate)

Feel free to contact me for help getting connected!

Cathy Olson
Chair, SD33 DFL

Walk with SD 33 DFL in the Chanhassen 4th of July Parade!

4th of July

It’s time for the Chanhassen parade on the 4th of July and you’re invited to join! Our tremendous candidates, Brad Brothen for MN House 33B and Sherrie Pugh for MN Senate will be central to our parade. Let’s help them get their first parade of the season off to a great start!
It’s a great time to be a Democrat – time to turn the MN House back to the DFL and and turn this district BLUE! This is a really well attended parade and great fun – a perfect way to meet others and support our candidates!
We will be handing out flags and candy as well as candidate stickers – kids love them all!   Our candidates are working on t-shirt orders – you can also wear your red, white, and blue or favorite DFL gear to get the day started.
Parade starts at 2:30 (Line-up at 1:30). Just RSVP to Stephanie Holte, our Events Director, s.holte@dflsd33.org
Feel free to invite others, and we’ll update this notice as soon as we get our unit #.
Chan Parade 2015

Meet the Candidates Event – Show Your Support; Have Fun!

RSVP to Cathy Olson (c.olson@dflsd33.org)

Kickoff Invitation

Great Candidates Endorsed by SD 33 DFL:

We are proud to announce that we endorsed three exceptional candidates at our May Central Committee Meeting!

Our candidates are: Norrie Thomas for House in 33A, Brad Brothen for House in 33B, and Sherrie Pugh for Senate.

Each of them has deep roots in our community and brings a unique perspective with a broad range of knowledge and skills. They have already shared a good understanding of our district with tremendous enthusiasm and a keen desire to reach out to voters!
Please join me in congratulating our candidates on their endorsements! Stay tuned for more contact info and event schedules!

Thank you to all for supporting the DFL in SD 33! It’s going to be a great election year!
Photo below (left to right) – Sherrie Pugh, Brad Brothen, and Norrie Thomas.

2016 SD 33 DFL Candidates

2016 Record Breaking March 1st Caucus Attendance – Great April 9th Convention!

We enjoyed record breaking turnout for our March 1st caucuses conducted at 3 sites across our district. A special thank you to our tremendous conveners and all who stepped in to help on caucus night – what a special event! What a great group of Precinct Chairs and Vice Chairs elected on caucus night.

We saw so many new faces and the energy was tremendous! We’re looking forward to engaging with everyone as we work together to turn this district blue!

Our April 9th Convention at Orono High School had tremendous Delegate turnout and was an energetic day. We enjoyed tremendous speakers and had a great round of walking sub-caucuses to elect our CD3/State Delegates and Alternates – what fun for all of our new Delegates!

Thank you to all of our exceptional Pre-convention committees who worked so hard to make our convention a success. It was a smooth running day and a great environment for everyone! We voted for and sent forward our full slate of 34 Resolutions!

Our new Central Committee is starting our journey on May 4th and we are looking forward to engaging an exceptional group of Officers, Directors, and Precinct Chairs!

Let’s keep up the energy in our district as we step into this exciting election year! Stay tuned for upcoming events and please reach out with ideas. Remember, every person can make a difference – all volunteers and ideas are welcome!

Some great pics of caucus and convention below:

Caucus at Grandview Caucus at Grandview Caucus at Minnetonka West

A walking sub-caucus in full swing Attorney General Lori Swanson addresses the Convention Resolutions Committee tallying votes

2016 Precinct Caucuses – March 1st, 7PM

The 2016 year in politics is ramping up. Precinct Caucuses were held in March with record attendance!

We had 3 caucus locations (Link) throughout our large district – click on the link to find your location by precinct. You can use the Precinct Finder link to verify your precinct.

You might ask – ‘Why come to Precinct Caucus?‘

  • Meet other Democrats in your area.
  • Learn about what is happening in the DFL in our district.
  • Meet candidates – many candidates attend caucus to meet voters.
  • Complete preference ballot for President.
  • Voice your position on issues – offer Resolutions to DFL Platform (come prepared by filling out the Resolution form).
  • Volunteer to lead/elect leaders in your precinct – Precinct Chair/Vice Chair.
  • Volunteer to help on Pre-Convention Committees.
  • Volunteer/elect Delegates to the Senate District 33 DFL Convention (April 9th).
  • Volunteer to be an Election Judge.

This is the grassroots action of our party. Your participation makes this a great experience for everyone!

Ways you can VOLUNTEER to help:

  • Convene a Precinct Caucus – we train you and it is fun!
  • Help people find their precinct locations at caucus
  • Greet people at caucus site
  • Join a Pre-Convention Committee (help arrange convention, endorse, modify SD33 DFL constitution, etc)

Just send an e-mail to Joe Casey, (former) Vice Chair (j.casey@dflsd33.org) or Cathy Olson, Chair (c.olson@dflsd33.org) to volunteer. We welcome your participation and are planning a caucus full of information and action.

Those unable to attend caucus were able to put forth their names as Convention Delegate, Precinct Chair/Vice Chair, Pre-Convention Committee member, or an Election Judge by sending Cathy Olson (c.olson@dflsd33.org) a completed Absentee Participation Form.

Participation is key to success – we have made great progress. With your help we can turn this district blue!

It was great to see you in March!


Chair’s Ask – Jump in and Support the DFL Right here in our Community!

You can make a difference; the time is now to prepare for the 2016 election year!

Our best opportunity for electing candidates to the MN House and Senate is in Presidential Election years. In the last presidential cycle we turned in the highest DFL results in the history of our district, and we couldn’t have done it without you! We need your help to build on this success in the upcoming presidential election year.

Minnesota is back on track in a big way. Politico rates us the best state in the country, CNBC rates us as the sixth best state for businesses, and we’ve funded all-day kindergarten. We turned a $6 billion deficit into a more than $1 billion surplus so we finally have the resources to invest in areas that have been neglected for over a decade, like infrastructure, education, and property tax relief. Unfortunately, our current representatives have not been a part of any of this. As a matter of fact, they’ve been naysayers every step of the way and are now trying to un-do this progress.

You ask – How can I help? There are many ways – grassroots participation and support are key to our success! Join in and have fun:

  • Be a Precinct Chair or help a precinct chair? Lead right in our community
  • Make Phone Calls
  • Go door to door (with a candidate or doing voter id work)
  • Events: March in Parades, Go to Rallies, go to voter forums and debates
  • Write letters to editor or content for newsletter/website
  • Envelope stuffing for communications
  • Host a gathering at your house.
  • Attend an event in SD33; bring friends
  • Anything else that you can do to help that we haven’t thought of yet.

We welcome new people and new ideas; just reach out to Cathy Olson, c.olson@sd33.org or attend one of our meetings – see the Calendar page.

The Senate District provides essential financial support of our candidates – this is typically the starting foundation for a new campaign. In addition, as your DFL focus in Senate District 33, we:

  • Recruit Candidates
  • Provide communication and voter education on key issues and policies
  • Conduct caucus and convention – fully funded by us
  • Organize volunteers – host door knocks, phone banks, voter registration
  • Organize events to rally democrats and increase DFL presence
  • Identify New Voters – Provide election information – Get out the Vote

We are a self-supporting organization. With your help we can enjoy a larger presence in our community and elect responsible leaders. We are confident that we can turn the tide in District 33.

This is your chance to give at the most local, grass-roots level. Your contribution will help us recruit candidates, provide voter education on key issues, organize volunteers and events to rally democrats and more, right here in your community.

Let’s not let Minnesota be derailed. Our current GOP representatives consistently vote with the most extreme elements of the Republican Party in the legislature and advocate for their own views over those of their constituents. They’re attempting to drive us back into the ditch by repealing the policies that have been moving Minnesota forward.

Please consider a donation in any amount. Click here to donate.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Cathy Olson
Chair, SD33 DFL

2014 SD 33 DFL Convention

Thank you to all delegates and volunteers for making it a great convention on March 15th! We are pleased to have endorsed Todd Mikkelson for MN House in 33A. Congratulations, Todd – it will be a great campaign!

Todd Mickelson

DFL Endorsed Candidate for MN House 33A – Todd Mikkelson.

We enjoyed a wonderful slate of speakers as shown in our pictures below – candidates for Secretary of State, Deborah Hillstrom and Steve Simon; MN State Auditor Rebecca Otto, MN Attorney General Lori Swanson; candidate for US House in CD3, Sharon Sund; Denise Bader on behalf of Governor Dayton’s campaign; and MN DFL Vice Chair Marge Hoffa.

Congratulations to our new officers and directors elected in our convention (see the “About” page); your willingness to provide leadership for the next two years is greatly appreciated!

We also had the pleasure of electing our delegates/alternates that will represent SD33 DFL on the State Central Committee and in the CD3 convention as well as the State Convention. Thank you to all for your time and for representing our district!

We look forward to a busy campaign season and hope to see many at upcoming events – stay tuned to our events page for ways to participate. With your help, we can turn this district blue!

Cathy Olson
Chair, SD33 DFL

Steve Simon                         Deb Hilstrom
Secretary of State Candidates – Steve Simon and Deborah Hilstrom
Rebecca Otto
MN State Auditor Rebecca Otto
Sharon Sund                         Marge Hoffa
Candidate for US House CD3 – Sharon Sund             MN DFL Vice Chair Marge Hoffa2014 Convention 1
SD 33 DFL Convention in progress

Reflections on 2012:

2012 was an election year full of activity across Senate District 33. We started with the flurry of activity on redistricting and ran right into election season. It was a Summer and Fall full of parades, public events, candidate forums, voter outreach, and a tremendous event with Governor Dayton.

Thanks to everyone in the District for great enthusiasm and participation. We are looking forward to further strengthening our presence in SD 33 throughout 2013.

Gov. DaytonGov. Dayton and CandidatesJudy with Gov. DaytonSD 33 CandidatesJJ Hill Days ParadeJudyDeniseTodd ParadeDenise and AmyTodd2DeniseTodd

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