Let’s meet at Rep. Erik Paulsen’s district office in Eden Prairie. Regularly!

Add your voice to those of your neighbors and friends. Let’s be vigilant and committed to convincing our representative for CD 3 that it would be ‘good policy’ for the representative to schedule, post/publish and attend in-person at ‘town hall’ forums held across the district on a regular basis throughout the term.  

We will do our best to communicate to our representative the chief concerns, important issues, policy and program positions and the humane value set of an informed constituency.

Please check out: CD3 SUM Indivisible

People who care deeply about their country are showing up to be counted and to be heard, we are not interested in a shouting match. We want constructive dialogue and mitigating real local, state and national problems, in that order, prioritized over party objectives.   

Remember – every Tuesday –  get together with some old and new friends and take some time to remind our elected representative that his constituents want to ‘talk’. The representative must understand that there is a duty to People over Party. 

Representative Paulsen –  Your duty is to country and your district’s people, not to a political party.  

Remember – Plan on reminding Rep. Paulsen – every Tuesday!