Before some people read the linked article and get their ‘undies in a bundle’, let me inform you that this is a satirical article written by Mike Mullen of CityPages. It is intended to get you to react, mostly it’s asking you to stand up, but do it with a smile. ‘Humor’ and ‘wit’ are a good tactics to use against ‘ideology’, ‘hypocrisy’, ‘cronyism’ and ‘alternative facts’-based rationales for horrible policies and positions. 

In my opinion Mr. Mullen has done an excellent job in presenting a reality revealing and some ‘Minnesota nice to spice’ sounding email exchanges between a few ‘constituents’ of Minnesota CD3 and their esteemed, if not isolated, elected representative.  It is as thoughtful a piece of writing, as it is funny, and – it is oh too, too close to being the real deal.  Please take a few minutes and read this gem to the end (click here).