You can make a difference; the time is now to prepare for the 2016 election year!

Our best opportunity for electing candidates to the MN House and Senate is in Presidential Election years. In the last presidential cycle we turned in the highest DFL results in the history of our district, and we couldn’t have done it without you! We need your help to build on this success in the upcoming presidential election year.

Minnesota is back on track in a big way. Politico rates us the best state in the country, CNBC rates us as the sixth best state for businesses, and we’ve funded all-day kindergarten. We turned a $6 billion deficit into a more than $1 billion surplus so we finally have the resources to invest in areas that have been neglected for over a decade, like infrastructure, education, and property tax relief. Unfortunately, our current representatives have not been a part of any of this. As a matter of fact, they’ve been naysayers every step of the way and are now trying to un-do this progress.

You ask – How can I help? There are many ways – grassroots participation and support are key to our success! Join in and have fun:

  • Be a Precinct Chair or help a precinct chair? Lead right in our community
  • Make Phone Calls
  • Go door to door (with a candidate or doing voter id work)
  • Events: March in Parades, Go to Rallies, go to voter forums and debates
  • Write letters to editor or content for newsletter/website
  • Envelope stuffing for communications
  • Host a gathering at your house.
  • Attend an event in SD33; bring friends
  • Anything else that you can do to help that we haven’t thought of yet.

We welcome new people and new ideas; just reach out to Cathy Olson, or attend one of our meetings – see the Calendar page.

The Senate District provides essential financial support of our candidates – this is typically the starting foundation for a new campaign. In addition, as your DFL focus in Senate District 33, we:

  • Recruit Candidates
  • Provide communication and voter education on key issues and policies
  • Conduct caucus and convention – fully funded by us
  • Organize volunteers – host door knocks, phone banks, voter registration
  • Organize events to rally democrats and increase DFL presence
  • Identify New Voters – Provide election information – Get out the Vote

We are a self-supporting organization. With your help we can enjoy a larger presence in our community and elect responsible leaders. We are confident that we can turn the tide in District 33.

This is your chance to give at the most local, grass-roots level. Your contribution will help us recruit candidates, provide voter education on key issues, organize volunteers and events to rally democrats and more, right here in your community.

Let’s not let Minnesota be derailed. Our current GOP representatives consistently vote with the most extreme elements of the Republican Party in the legislature and advocate for their own views over those of their constituents. They’re attempting to drive us back into the ditch by repealing the policies that have been moving Minnesota forward.

Please consider a donation in any amount. Click here to donate.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Cathy Olson
Chair, SD33 DFL