2016 SD 33 DFL Candidates

We want to recognize and thank our three talented and capable candidates for their positive campaigns and willingness to make the personal sacrifice and do the difficult work to run for office and step up for public service.

I know we are all proud to have had Sherrie Pugh, Norrie Thomas, and Brad Brothen representing us.

They were visible across our sprawling district and represented our shared values in each contact. Each of them has core strengths and a wealth of experience to contribute and know they will continue to work to strengthen our communities.

Thank you to all who volunteered and supported our candidates and ensured voices were heard and bridges built throughout our district.

Any way in which you supported is appreciated and makes a difference – attending events (parades, house parties, debates, festivals, farmers markets, candidate outreach, etc), hosting events, attending caucus/convention, door knocking, phone calling, data entry, mentoring by previous candidates, generating lit/mailer content, stuffing mailers, displaying yard signs, messages of support on social media, letters to the editor, talking to friends and neighbors, GOTV, encouraging all to vote, contributing to campaigns, and, most importantly, casting your vote.

We look forward to continuing our work together joined by common values to make a difference in our district and across Minnesota! Thank you for your dedication and together we will make a difference.