Sen. David Osmek (R – 33) was the lone opposition of an internet privacy amendment that passed the Minnesota Senate 66-1 after the US House and US Senate voted to repeal the Obama administration internet privacy protections. 

“We should be outraged at the invasion that’s being allowed on our most intimate means of communication,” said Senator Limmer (R) of Maple Grove, a longstanding privacy advocate. “This is an amendment that so urgently needs to be addressed.”

Once the amendment cleared this procedural hurdle, it was overwhelmingly added to the bill on a 66-1 vote. The lone critic, Sen. David Osmek, said Latz’s amendment needed more study and review before being adopted.

Senator Osmek has responded by blocking his constituents from his Twitter®  feed including blocking his Senate peer, Senator Ron Latz who introduced the privacy amendment.  
Most constituents blocked have never been in contact with him before; what kind of representation is this?  His response to one constituent who asked when meeting him in person, “It’s my Twitter account and I can block whoever I want.”  
Isn’t it amazingly paradoxical that Senator Osmek is willing to let our privacy be sold and wants to exclude his own constituents and Senate peers from viewing his Twitter feed?  
Our Facebook and Twitter have many who are #BlockedbyOsmek  – people can join in on Twitter.  

Some sample #BlockedbyOsmek ‘tweets’ from our Twitter-verse

Only #mnleg Senator to vote with corporate ISPs over your privacy… wants privacy from me on Twitter.
 A milestone in my time at the Capitol, I appear to be yet one more #blockedbyosmek
Just been blocked by my state Sen @DavidJOsmek. Afraid of a middle-age grandma who called his office 1st time 2day?@IndivisibleMN03 @DFL3CD
Yep I was blocked before ever even met or spoke to him. #blockedbyosmek #mnleg
I had a similar experience finding out I’d been #blockedbyosmek today. What the heck?
@DavidJOsmek is just like #Trump. He thinks any who didn’t vote for him is the enemy. I’m sure MANY are #blockedbyosmek
That didn’t take long  😉
I didn’t even call, not sure I ever have (shame on me). Went to look at his twitter page to find I’m #blockedbyosmek.
Are you #blockedbyosmek ? Your Senator who ironically was the lone vote against protecting our internet privacy? #mnleg
Nice to know that there is a welcoming group for those #blockedbyosmek. Who does @davidjosmek represent if not us all? @TheFighting33 #mnleg