'Compact' MN House districts (based on 2010 census)

Read what you can do about ridding this pernicious and perilous practice from our political system.  Learn about ‘cracking’, ‘fracking’ and the elegance of ‘compactness’.  Check out our Gerrymandering 2020 page in Area 33.

‘Gerrymandering’ To Do List:
1) learn to recognize the practice and understand its effects, 
2) raise your voice and insist the practice is stopped.  

It is up to ‘us’ to ensure that the decennial redistricting efforts across the state(s) are free of ‘gerrymandering’ strategies and tactics. Make no mistake, ideas on how to create loaded districts are being ‘discussed’ and ‘plans’ are being worked on right now in backrooms all across the nation. We the people must be aware, vigilant and insist that redistricting is done properly for the good of all of us.