SD 33 constituents continue to ask Rep. Paulsen pointed questions and make astute observations on the quality of our Congressional representation on the editorial pages in the local papers.  

The people in CD3 want to know –  why does Erik Paulsen speaks like a reasonable, caring individual but votes like a party-over-people automaton and acts as a flack for the Trump-Ryan-McConnel Republican syndicate?  More to the point, they want to know exactly how the policies he supports help the people of the district? If he truly believes his positions are correct, then why doesn’t he meet with the people and explain them? Convince us that the current Republican actions and ideology are the correct, moral positions for our republic and its people. Sell the people on exactly their how their day-to-day reality will change, if the policy of the nation is geared to help the wealthiest class.  

We are so proud of these citizens, who are standing up and voicing their concerns and framing the issues. They are speaking truth to power and courageously calling out ‘the misinformation, alternate facts and blatant lies’ from Erik on up the federal ladder to ‘the Donald’.  

– Lette & Zak

In Area 33 – the congressional and senate districts comprise the ‘news beat’ for LeTTE the Yeti and faithful companion, Zak the Yak, where they gather the salient news items and ‘Letters to the Editor’ in the local papers and post ’em.

Also, in Area 33 you will also find links to terrific articles on ‘gerrymandering‘. The short articles explain what ‘gerrymandering’ is, how it’s done, and most importantly – how we can stop it cold in Minnesota for 2020.