Cathy Olson, Chair
Leroy Krueger, Vice Chair
Paul O’Shea, Outreach
Jackie Drury, Secretary
Melissa Martinson, Treasurer


2018 DFL Senate District 33 Endorsing Convention 

Saturday, March 17, 2018    – Registration starts:  9:15 am  – Convene:  10:00 am

Orono Senior High School
795 N. Old Crystal Bay Rd
Long Lake, MN  55364

  1. Call to order

  2. Pledge of Allegiance

  3. Welcome (including announcements)

  4. Reading of the Affirmative Action, Outreach, and Inclusion Statement

  5. Report of the Rules Committee and adoption of the Rules

  6. Speeches from visiting DFL dignitaries or candidates as time allows

  7. First Report of the Credentials Committee and resolution of any credential challenges

  8. Report of the Nominations Committee on Convention Chair candidates

  9. Election of Convention Chairs

  10. Appointments of Convention Secretary, Timekeepers, Judges, Clerks, Tellers, Sergeants-at-Arms and Parliamentarian by Convention Chairs

  11. First Report of the Resolutions Committee

  12. Report of the Constitution Committee and consideration of any amendments

  13. Report of the Nominations Committee on Executive Committee candidates

  14. Election of SD 33 Executive Committee

    1. Chair

    2. Vice Chair

    3. Outreach Officer

    4. Secretary

    5. Treasurer

    6. At least eleven (11) Directors


15. Report of the Nominations Committee on State Central Committee candidates|

16. Election of four (4) State Central Committee Members and six (6) Alternates

17. Ratification of Senate District Precinct Chairs

18. Close of Resolutions balloting

Lunch Break – Probable timing: will adjust based on progress

19. Recess to House District Endorsing Conventions
    Agenda for House District Endorsing Conventions (in sequence)

  1. Election of House District Convention Chair (appoint Secretary)

  2. Endorsements Committee report

  3. Nomination of Candidates

  4. Candidate/Campaign speeches

  5. Adopt Convention Rules for Question and Answers

  6. Question and Answer session with Candidate

  7. Consideration of Endorsement

20. Reports of House District Endorsing Conventions

21. Second Report of the Credentials Committee concerning final Delegate count

22. Election of seventeen (17) Congressional District/State Convention Delegates and seventeen (17) Alternates

23. Second Report of the Resolutions Committee

24. Election of State Convention Delegation Co-Chairs

25. Election of Congressional District Preconvention Committee Members

26. Adjournment