SD 33 constituents have continued to ask Rep. Paulsen pointed questions about his position on key issues that plagued the country, such as, gun violence and campaign financing, as well as, his role and responsibilities as a powerfully placed lawmaker. The citizens of The Fightin’ 33rd are also focusing on the quality, or rather the dearth of quality representation in the Minnesota House districts of 33A and 33B as can be read on the local editorial pages.  

So proud of these citizens, who are standing up and voicing their concerns, framing the issues and presenting solutions to act on. They are speaking truth to power and courageously calling out ‘the misinformation, alternate facts and blatant lies’ from Cindy Pugh, Jerry Hertaus, and Erik Paulsen.  

– Lette & Zak

In Area 33 – the congressional and senate districts comprise the ‘news beat’ for LeTTE the Yeti and faithful companion, Zak the Yak, where they gather the salient news items and ‘Letters to the Editor’ in the local papers and post ’em.

Also, in Area 33 you will also find links to terrific articles on ‘gerrymandering‘. The short articles explain what ‘gerrymandering’ is, how it’s done, and most importantly – how we can stop it cold in Minnesota for 2020.