Norrie Thomas’ Visit With Hammer

Elections are fast approaching so it’s expected that candidates will be campaigning fast and furious. 

However, when you work for a non-profit that represents a population of “unlikely voters” or “low-propensity” voters, it is rare to be contacted by a campaign, much less a candidate. Hammer, being a non-profit serving people with disabilities falls into this category. 

This didn’t stop candidate Norrie Thomas, DFL, House District 33A from contacting Hammer and offering to tour the three homes that are within her district, should she win her race for the house this fall against the incumbent Rep. Jerry Herthaus (R). She took the time to listen carefully to parents and staff at the Broadway and the Gardner houses about staffing issues, transportation and healthcare.
Hammer is ALWAYS eager to host a legislator or candidate willing to come to our homes. 
Thank you, Norrie Thomas for coming to US for a change. It was refreshing and exciting to know that our advocacy efforts are being noticed.