Hi from Zak and me – To all of you folks from “the fightin’ 33rd” and visitors.

After a bit of a winter’s nap, we decided to leave our homey yurt on the tundra to check out the political contests and fellowship in our state and our senate district. After all, it’s mid-term time in the USA. People are talking about the issues and organizing for their candidates.

An important facet of the public discourse is using the local community-centric newspapers to widely disperse information and a respectful, persuasive argument. Media is an important vehicle for raising awareness and mobilizing support.  

Zak and I peruse these pages looking for interesting tidbits, wisdom and what the citizenry is saying. We’re happy to see that our friend Paula Savage [and SD33’s Volunteer of the Year 2017] penned another great note for us to reflect on. You can check it out here