Paula Savage

Paula joined our Senate District Central Committee this past year – first as a Precinct Chair for Independence and then as a Director. Paula has embraced the role of Precinct Chair and provided outreach leadership in areas of our district that hadn’t received focus.  Her thoughtful insight and enthusiasm are thoroughly appreciated by everyone on our committee. She is always willing to volunteer for events and activities and has been ever-present all year – precinct leader events, house parties, parades, festivals, candidate events, forums, training, issues gatherings, etc. Paula has stepped forward to be part of one of our house candidate’s 2018 campaign team. We are so fortunate to have Paula in our district.


John Borowicz

John has been a long time DFL activist in Senate District 33. He has been a constant presence in our candidates’ campaigns, Caucus, Convention, and Senate District events. John is always there to help set-up, organize, and clean-up. We can always count on John to bring enthusiasm to the parade – not hesitating to grab the pom poms! This past year, John spent countless hours breathing new life into our website with a new look and constant attention to keeping the material fresh. We are so proud of our new look, and we so appreciate of John’s leadership!