Hi there, SD33 Democrats –

It is exciting to see the DFL platform continue to change based on the input from the grassroots of our caucus and conventions! I wanted to share with you the results of the final resolutions that were passed (requires 60%) at the State Convention to become part of our platform. Thank you to so many in our district who worked to make many of these resolutions a reality – this all starts at caucuses with your input!


If your resolution did not make it to or through the State level, I encourage you to submit it again in our next caucus cycle; keep talking to your friends and neighbors about your priorities! The process does work and it is exciting to see our platform continue to adapt to our changing priorities and the shifting environment around us.

I also ask you to please join in this critical election year; it has never been more important to ensure we elect individuals who reflect our values! You can engage with others and have a fun evening barbecue at our upcoming picnic on June 24th (4 – 7 PM at Freeman Park in Shoreview). View the flyer for the picnic here. Talk to our tremendous house candidates, Norrie Thomas (33A) and Kelly Morrison (33B) as well as Dean Phillips for Congress in the 3rd and other state-level candidates. They are interested in understanding your priorities and you can find out more about how to support their campaigns!  Come have fun with your family and neighbors!

As always, please feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions.

Let’s turn this BLUE together,
Cathy Olson
Chair, SD33 DFL