Tim Duff, who leads the Living Liberally chapter, has been working on organizing a march and rally in support of ‘student safety’ and other “liberal” causes.  This has been in process for some time with Tim and his team getting in touch with public safety officials and the Excelsior city council to ensure that the proposed event would be within the appropriate guidelines and the group had investigated and secured the necessary permits and approvals.  Well,… it seems that the council has ‘concerns’ about a politically-centered on ‘the commons’ and all that traffic and keeping order and so on.  They haven’t given a definite ‘no’ and will revisit the item in June.   Update 6/6/2018: At the June 5th meeting, the council approved the rally for August 18th.  

The Sun-Sailor provided terrific coverage of this meeting and you can read all about it here.