… and now a message from our Chairperson.   ALL RISE!       What!  Sorry… Guess I got caught up in the pageantry from Singapore  😉


 SD 33 House Candidates


Hi there, friends – 

We are so fortunate to have two exceptional candidates running to represent us in the MN House – Norrie Thomas for 33A and Kelly Morrison for 33B formally filed on May 22nd! Their campaigns are off and running – door knocking, postcards, meeting voters at events, meet and greets – having great conversations about what is important to us!

Please take in their web sites, Facebook, and Twitter to see the amazing connections they have already made. In case you haven’t connected yet, their contact info is:
Norrie Thomas
Facebook:  Norrie Thomas
Twitter:  @NorrieAThomas
Kelly Morrison 
Twitter:  @morrison4MN
Please make sure you stay in touch and show your support – you will make the difference and they can’t do this without each of you! The 2018 election is so important; every hour you spend volunteering and supporting our candidates will make an impact!
By now, you are asking, ‘How can I help?” Well, here is a list of ways you can join in and I’m sure you have many more ideas!
  • Connect on social media – Facebook has updates on events and Twitter is a great way to spread the message
  • Wear a candidate button – When you are out in the community; Grocery, coffee shop, hardware store, walking, out to eat, everywhere!
  • Wear a candidate t-shirt or button at a community event – Music in the park, fireworks, art fairs, boat shows, National Night Out, etc.
  • Wear a candidate t-shirt while participating in a community event – Tour de Tonka: have a group of friends that want to ride a route? Have a house along the route? Want to have a group of people over with t-shirts / signs?
  • National Night Out – Please let our candidates know if your neighborhood is hosting an event. Offer to introduce them around. Or, host a national night out in your neighborhood and invite them.
  • Put up a lawn sign – Great way to get their name out and let your neighbors know this is the person that aligns with your values!
  • Talk to your family and friends – Let them know about your candidate and why you support them; encourage them to make contact.
  • Host a house party – These can be small and casual – great way for candidates to get to know people in a relaxed setting.
  • Attend our upcoming picnic – Lake Area Democrats Summer Family Picnic, Sunday June 24th, 4-7 PM, Freeman Park, Shorewood. Meet candidates and make new friends. Wrap up your weekend with a relaxing barbecue. Our candidates plus Dean Phillips for CD3 and other state candidates. View the flyer here.
  • Walk in parades – Great way to get candidate names out in community and fun event for families! List of dates here.  
  • Write postcards – Both candidates are sending out hand written postcards; next 3 Fridays planned at Norrie’s house (5-7 PM). List of dates here.
  • Make phone calls – You can make calls for candidates and help organize volunteers for events.
  • Door knock, door knock, door knock – This is the most effective way to connect with people; face to face. Our candidates need your support and we have a great time walking our beautiful district! Don’t worry, you don’t have do talk if you don’t feel comfortable. We need people to record results and that let’s us be twice as efficient! We have great neighbors and are having tremendous conversations! List of dates here.
I know from personal experience it is so rewarding to take action to support your candidates and you truly make the difference. To join in, you can either reply back to me and I’ll make sure to let the candidates know, or feel free to reach out through their web sites, social media, or e-mail. NOW is the time!
Let’s turn this BLUE together,
Cathy Olson
Chair, SD33 DFL