Zak said, “I thought the increase in Letters to the Editors in July was something to be seen and to be read! September was just plain awesome and LeTTE was into it.”  
The September uptick has transformed LeTTE into a silly, giddy state. This set of letters left LeTTE speechless, literally. But… smiling

FWIW, it is ‘well known’ that this is typical behavior for a progressive-leaning ‘Yeti’.  Please remember this – You are NO ‘Yeti’!

You are a citizen who’s duty is to participate in a representative democracy. Don’t remain ignorant and powerless. Understand the issues and their importance. Learn the facts, the pros and the cons. Speak up and speak out with your vote.  Start by reading what your neighbors are saying about the candidates and the incumbents. Vote for the person, vote for principles you believe in and not a party designation letter.  

As a constituent of Minnesota Senate District 33 – the fightin’ 33rd! you should check ’em out.  Click here 

Remember – It has never been more important to be a well informed and kind citizen.  Knowledge is power!

We want to help you stay knowledgeable, up-to-date, aware of the various issues [major/minor], the stakes, and the positions/arguments of the respective parties and candidates.