LeTTE and Zak have been hanging out at the newsstands in the local coffee shops and finding that the good citizens are getting their opinions and thoughts published.

The number of published letters has seemingly doubled in October from September when the campaigns pushed the pedal to the metal. Now that we are in November and literally only a few days remain before the polls open, the citizen voices continue to express their beliefs and the papers are there to publish and disseminate what is being said by the area’s constituency.   

It is indeed an extraordinary time and the strain evident on the faces across a polarized citizenry reflect a deep concern for the resiliency of the republic and its institutions.  

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Oh, and let me remind you to vote! Don’t you dare NOT! That would displease LeTTE which would not be good for your relationship.
 I’m telling you this because we care and well…
Just saying…. as a citizen of the USA and being of legal age and registered – you have one very simple but magnificently important responsibility. It is called voting!

Do it! Vote on November 6th!