And so fortunate to have the benefit of Cathy Olson’s leadership, vision, and commitment to the ideals of the DFL.  

Our four-term Chairperson of SD 33 has been selected as a “Woman of Distinction 2019”.
She joins the DFL’s ‘best’ local activists and party organizers in the DFL Hall of Fame.  
This is the year the DFL is celebrating its 75th Anniversary.
It is a great honor for Cathy to join the HoF at this time in our mission to keep Minnesota blue and the DFL a vibrant political force. 

Thank you Cathy.  

We would be remiss, if we did not give a ‘shout out’ to Cathy’s life partner, Dave Olson.   These two make a mighty duo in our DFL community. They are fantastic, generous, energetic, strong, honest and caring kindred souls of the people living on the prairie, in the towns, cities and around the lakes. We couldn’t ask for better political leaders and mentors. 

BTW, they just celebrated their 35th anniversary!  These are two superlative individuals who know something about commitment!