Through some quirk, a progressive person who lives in SD33 posed some time ago as a wannabe GOP member, well the ‘brain trust’ at the RNC sent a census out to the [real and imagined] members as a vehicle to tally the priorities and concerns of the membership regarding the 2020 election (and ask for money).  

I found the GOP’s census questions (and sorted [suggested] responses) to be an interesting and insightful read.

My friends, it is a ‘good thing’ to recognize the GOP message packaging and talking points as the 2020 campaign ramps up and the election approaches.  It is a ‘very good thing’ to have a fact or two at the ready to counter a bloviating GOP sycophant.

Below are front and back photos of this 2019 GOP census survey. They are legible, but if you want bigger then simply open them in another browser tab and Zoom In and take a good, long look.

“The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”  Sun Tzu