The Executive Committee will conduct itself in an open and public fashion and in a manner that will encourage participation by a broad spectrum of party members.

Any officer or director of the executive committee who shall have three (3) consecutive unexcused absences from executive committee meetings (if notified by the Chair after two (2) absences) shall be considered as resigned, and the position shall be declared vacant.  The Chair shall notify any officer or director of this provision after their second unexcused absence.


Only the Senate District 33 Treasurer or the Deputy Treasurer should the Treasurer be unable to act, will disburse funds with checks drawn off the official account of the Senate District 33 DFL.  Such expenditures are to be made only when authorized by a majority vote of the Central or Executive committee.

The Chair, at their discretion, may authorize expenses up to $500 between executive and central committee meetings as warranted.

Click to download Word document: 2020 By-Laws of DFL Senate District 33