Hello Friends:
Our three tremendous candidates are in full swing and they need our help.  Included in the September events are the many ways we can each engage with our friends, neighbors, colleagues, co-workers and strangers, too!  Thank you to so many of you who have been volunteering in so many ways! Postcards, phone calls, lawn signs, wearing t-shirts, social media, spreading the word, virtual events….  

Since our candidate are putting public health first, they are not door knocking and so, they need our help more than ever to get the word out!   We will be doing – ‘no contact’ – literature drops with the respective campaigns. Look for a sign up sheet on their websites or send an e-mail to me that you are interested.  

Please, please jump in – even one hour helps – please try something you might not normally do.   Our campaigns need the following –
PHONE CALLING – this is our BIGGEST need!  This is the primary way we are able to connect with people this campaign.  You can call any time of day.  Just get signed up and started with the campaign(s).  Let me know if you need help getting linked or have questions.
SOCIAL MEDIA – Please make sure to Like their FB pages and INVITE friends. Follow on Twitter and do whatever you do on Instagram (not my deal).  🙂
LETTERS To The EDITOR – Please share your reasons for supporting any one of our candidates, a specific issue, or a working approach is the most effective and will get printed.   You can also share if you have had issues or concerns about a current office holder.   Many topics to choose from; and,  I can help.  The TIME IS NOW!
WEAR T-SHIRTS/BUTTONS/Display bumper stickers – I’ll be happy to get them to you as will our candidates.  Just wearing them in public (even the grocery store) and at community gatherings gets the word out – you become a friendly billboard!  
HOST A LAWNSIGN – We deliver!  Invite your friends to do so, too!
WRITE POSTCARDS – A handwritten message meant much more than a mailer – we will deliver supplies to your door – no contact.  
ATTEND VIRTUAL EVENTS or HOST ONE – I know, everyone misses in person, but this is our world in 2020.

Also, upcoming LWV Forums for local candidates and for 33A/33 Senate – PLEASE submit questions!  I can help you.  

Thank you all,
Cathy Olson
Chair, SD33 DFL