Wednesday, December 2nd 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

SD33 DFL Central Committee Meeting

Meeting via Zoom.
It’s time to review the results of the November 3rd election. We will spend a significant amount of time going over the numbers, hearing from candidates, what to do in 2021, and discussing how we can better support candidates!  Look forward to a great conversation and catching up with everyone!
To Join Zoom Meeting    Meeting ID:  864 286 061    Password: 052034

A Message from the Chair of DFL SD33

In Senate District 33, we can be so proud and encouraged by the results achieved by our TREMENDOUS candidates and all the volunteers who supported the campaigns!   We are so thrilled that Rep Kelly Morrison will again be providing exceptional representation for our district and the people of Minnesota!  Caitlin Cahill ran a great campaign continuing to move us towards flipping 33A – flipping Maple Plain for the first time!  Gretchen Piper ramped up her Senate campaign in record time and turned in results 12% higher than any past campaign for senate – 46%!   She moved the A side significantly; an amazing accomplishment in our reddest precincts!  

I know you all join me in the pride we take in supporting these three exceptional leaders!  Kelly, Caitlin, and Gretchen took on the challenge of a campaign year like no other – the Covid pandemic required candidates to adopt strategies never asked of previous campaigns.  They led campaigns that put public safety first and they each lead with intelligence, integrity, compassion, and a clear display of shared values.   These are amazing individuals and we are so fortunate they are each willing to make the sacrifice to step into public service.  Thanks to their work, we have again moved this district forward and expanded our reach to our SD33 neighbors!   I am anxious to partner for our next steps.  

As everyone knows, our efforts don’t rest – we make progress even when it’s not a campaign year.  Please be on the lookout for a follow up message with ideas on how we can make sure we support Representative Morrison, hold our 33A/33 Senate elected accountable, and engage further in 2021 to prepare us for the next campaign!  

Let’s keep moving to BLUE together,
Cathy Olson

SD33 2020 Election Results Summary


  • MN Voted for Joe Biden/Kamala Harris
    Tina Smith Re-elected US Senator
    Dean Phillips re-elected CD3 US House
    Paul Thissen elected MN Supreme Court!
    Chris LaTondresse elected Henn Cty Dist 6
    Kevin Anderson elected Henn Cty Dist 7
    Adam Jennings elected to Mayor of Tonka Bay
  • 33B – Kelly Morrison re-elected by 309 votes. Keeping 33B blue!
  • 33A – Caitlin Cahill moves 33A forward improving overall outcome!
  • 33 Senate – Gretchen Piper received 46% of the vote increasing by 12% over any past results!
  • Turnout in 33 was 94% of registered voters!!
    3% drop off in state races – 91%, but still GREAT!
  • The inability to safely door-knock and hold in-person events was impactful! Let’s not repeat 2020!

    33A Observations

  • Caitlin won Maple Plain (first time ever); Holds Wayzata and Long Lake Blue!
  • 11/19 precincts improved – Corcoran precincts improved 2% (precincts split vs 2018) Remaining precincts all held.
  • Caitlin outperformed Tina Smith in district and matched Dean Phillips.

    33B Observations

  • Kelly won by 309 votes!!! Whew! SO CLOSE again! 
  • 8/20 precincts won (5 won with 54% or over; 3 with over 50%) 2 others essentially tie.
  • Major improvement in Chanhassen!
    Maintained Deephaven, Excelsior.
    Lost one precinct in each of Shorewood/Mound vs 2018.

    33 Senate Observations

  • Gretchen improved performance by 12% from past Senate results!
  • Hard fought progress on A-side!!
  • Increased in all 38 precincts from 2016 and 14/18 precincts compared to 2018 House races!
  • Outperformed both Tina Smith across the district and Dean Phillips on the A-side.

SD33 Key Actions for 2021

Support Rep Kelly Morrison

  • City Council Meeting – Watch and provide key issues summary
  • Local Paper Review – Highlight articles of interest: New businesses/individuals to recognize/Key local issues/Upcoming Events
  • Letters to Editor outlining legislation or key positions
  • Lit drop notices for Town Hall Meetings
  • Door-knock Summer of 2021 (if we are out of Covid19 pandemic controls)

Hold Jerry Hertaus/Dave Osmek Accountable

  • Watch the legislative session – Committees and Floor Votes
  • Record controversial votes – provide to others to contact them.
  • Letters to Editor outlining the impact of their positions/actions

Expand Network/Gain Knowledge of Precincts shifting Positive

  • Issues Door knocking summer of 2021 (if out of Covid19 pandemic)
  • Attend Community Events
  • Plan community engagement events

SD33 Fundraising/Strategy

  • Fundraising Letter – Jan – March
  • Expand Volunteer Base and Voter ID by Precinct
  • Prepare for 2022 Cycle: Work on Campaign Manager Bench 

Upcoming Events

January 2021: Save the Dates
Biden/Harris Inauguration – January 20, 2021

Watch for many others – check our Facebook page and this web site’s monthly calendar of events.  We try to let you know ASAP, but many ‘spontaneous’ or ‘newly announced’ events that are happening fast, that means our DFLSD33 facebook or the sponsor’s fb page is your best bet for up-to-the-minute event information.