This is a page for finding that ‘special’ and sometimes “strange” content that we need to post and keep handy. So what’s considered “special” and/or “strange”?  Good question!  “Special” items include such things as an occassional “Opinion Poll” or “Issues Survey”, an elucidating article reprinted and hyperlinked, a relevant report regarding our district, a news media feature,  our neighbors’ published and un-published “Letters to the Editor”, and so on… OK, so then – what’s considered “strange”?  Funny -yet tasteful – photos, examples of political paradoxes, hypocrisies and unfathomable doublespeak [with attributions, of course]… and then whatever the chair, central committee, editor, and a ‘rogue’ webmaster consider strange… 

Tales Election Maps Tell

(Letters To The Editor)

Gerrymandering  2020 

Think About This… 

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Issues Survey of SD 33
(April 2017)