One big abuse of long-established political party power has been the systemic practice over the decades of ‘gerrymandering’ state and congressional districts.

The results of these gerrymandered re-districting efforts are blatant violations – in most cases – of the civil and voting rights of hundreds of thousands of citizens across these ‘so-called’ United States of America in order to gain a partisan advantage.

I say ‘so-called’ because we are unfortunately transforming ourselves from a plurality to a duo-cracy* due to this periodic practice of re-districting according to irresponsible and partisan criteria which in more and more cases leads to the courts having to make the decennial district boundary maps sometimes based on no more than ‘how it looks’ on a new map.  

The following articles provide information on the background, the techniques and societal effects of gerrymandering. Plus, there are solutions to this problem that are readily available.  In 2014, a software engineer developed an algorithm using ‘compactness’ to generate districts that are ‘balanced’ and ‘look and feel’ rational.   

Here is a list of ‘gerrymandering’ articles worth perusing:

* duo-cracy = a nation with a ‘cash-rich, restricted, semi-transparent’ election process that results in a ‘highly leveraged, skewed representative’ democratic-look-a-like government.

John L. Borowicz