Norrie Thomas – DFL Endorsed District 33A

It’s official now! The DFL District 33A Convention endorsed my candidacy for the Minnesota House of Representatives on March 17. Turnout at the convention was amazing—and so was the confidence and enthusiasm for my campaign. Thank you, Delegates and Supporters!

There are many problems to be solved, but the number one issue facing us today is healthcare. That is my priority. And I will make a difference.


I support Governor Dayton’s Minnesota Care Buy-in proposal, which would allow any Minnesotan to sign up for the state-sponsored health care plan. This would bring relief to people who face double-digit insurance increases and limited insurance options. I want to fight to give Minnesotans this option so we can give them more power over their healthcare decisions.

Opioid Epidemic

Another healthcare problem in need of action is the deadly opioid epidemic. Attorney General Lori Swanson has proposed a penny-a-pill tax on the pharmaceutical industry. I support this strategy. This proposal will give us the money for treating overdoses and more treatment programs to help people and families who suffer from this epidemic. There is more to be done, of course, and I will make it a top priority to get it done. My career in pharmacy gives me the knowledge to help Minnesota more effectively deal with this tragic epidemic that is afflicting every part of our state and nation.

Common Sense and Gun Laws

There is also another tragic epidemic attacking the health of our state and nation. As I write this, we are once again debating gun rights and gun restrictions in the wake of more horrific mass shootings. I believe we must make common sense changes in our laws to decrease the violence, including in our schools. Arming teachers is not the way forwardI support Universal background checks. I support having mental health professionals and anti-bullying programs in all public schools. I support the repeal of the Dickey Amendment, so we can understand this public health issue. I support campaign finance reform to stop powerful lobbying groups from bullying public officials, victims, and children.

Remember conversations Tuesdays with Norrie start in April. 

Call or mail if you would like to host.

Donations to my campaign can be sent to:

Norrie Thomas Campaign Fund, PO Box 112 Wayzata, Minnesota 55391
or via my website,


Norrie Thomas or 612-599-6497 


“…the determination to come together for positive action and to find common cause with others believing in our democratic system gives us hope and drives us forward.” 

-Adaline Shinkle, co-founder, Choosing Community Over Chaos

“Norrie has a superb track record in education and healthcare. She’s resilient, savvy, and committed to building strong alliances that will get things done for Minnesota”

– Connie Fourre- Medina

“I support Norrie because of her leadership track record – she knows how to bring people together”

– Paula Savage- Independence

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