SD33 Door Knocking Schedule – Summer 2019

Issues door knocking – Medina – August & September!

What is this about? This is about ‘US’ ( = the progressive voices in the Lake Minnetonka area) reaching out to people across our district to prepare for 2020. Please join us. 

DayDateTimeMeet Up Location
Sat17-Aug11:00a-2:00pCaribou Medina *
Sat17-Aug2:00p-4:00pCaribou Medina
Sun18-Aug11:00a-2:00pCaribou Medina
Sun28-Aug2:00p-4:00pCaribou Medina
Mon19-Aug6:00p-8:00pCaribou Medina
Thu22-Aug6:00p-8:00pCaribou Medina
Sat24-Aug12:00p-3:00pCaribou Medina
Sat24-Aug2:00p-4:00pCaribou Medina
Thu5-Sep6:00p-8:00pCaribou Medina
Thu12-Sep6:00p-8:00pCaribou Medina
Sat14-Sep10:00a-12:00pCaribou Medina
Sat14-Sep1:00p-3:00pCaribou Medina
Mon16-Sep5:00p-7:00pCaribou Medina
Fri20-Sep5:00p-7:00pCaribou Medina
Thu26-Sep5:00p-7:00pCaribou Medina
Fri27-Sep5:00p-7:00pCaribou Medina
* = Caribou Coffee 325 Clydesdale Trail, Medina, MN

Questions?  Contact Stephanie at s.holte@dflsd33.orgor 612-720-1057


Door Knocking with State Representative Kelly Morrison 33-B

When?  All summer and all fall.  Watch this page and “The Fightin’ 33rd!” facebook for updates. 

We try to act fast, but they happen fast – so  facebook is the ‘best source’ for up-to-the-hour information. 

DayDateTimeMeet Up Location
Sun18-Aug12:00p-3:00pCaribou 7 & 41
Sun18-Aug3:00p-6:00pCaribou 7 & 41
Mon19-Aug6:00p-8:00pCaribou 7 & 41
Tue20-Aug6:00p-8:00pCaribou 7 & 41
Sun25-Aug12:00p-3:00pCaribou 7 & 41
Sun25-Aug3:00p-6:00pCaribou 7 & 41
Mon26-Aug6:00p-8:00pCaribou 7 & 41
Tue27-Aug6:00p-8:00pCaribou 7 & 41
Sat7-Sep12:00p-3:00pMound Caribou
Sat7-Sep3:00p-6:00pMound Caribou
Mon8-Sep6:00p-8:00pMound Caribou
Tue9-Sep6:00p-8:00pMound Caribou
Sun15-Sep12:00p-3:00pMound Caribou
Sun15-Sep3:00p-6:00pMound Caribou
Mon16-Sep6:00p-8:00pMound Caribou
Tue17-Sep6:00p-8:00pMound Caribou
Sun22-Sep12:00p-3:00pMound Caribou
Sun22-Sep3:00p-6:00pMound Caribou
Mon23-Sep6:00p-8:00pMound Caribou
Tue24-Sep6:00p-8:00pMound Caribou
Sun29-Sep12:00p-3:00pMound Caribou
Sun29-Sep3:00p-6:00pMound Caribou

* = Caribou Coffee 5401 Shoreline Dr, Mound, MN 55364

Questions?  Contact Raina 612-715-8495 or Ethan 612-715-2122

A few notes from Stephanie Holte 

We are looking for someone who can commit to Tuesdays and can be the point person. I will likely be able to door knock but I can’t commit to every Tuesday.

We can also add or move to another day of the week if we get someone who can lead on a different day.

I will create Facebook events for people to sign up.

Door Knock Team Leader Duties :

  1. Train in new people
  2. Provide supplies such as ‘turf sheets’ and ‘door hangers’
  3. Collect walk sheets when done and get to the data entry team